type 2-CH-HV-T-PT

General product features

Detail Design
Operating temperature of wire -40°C to +150°C (3000h)
Operating temperature of sensor -50°C to +200°C
Minimum bending radius 12 x wire diameter
Dielectric strength 3,7 kV AC and 6 kV DC
Inner sheath FEP
Outer sheath Polyurethane (PUR)
Resistor dimensions 15 x 50 x 0,3 mm

Other versions can be delivered on request

High voltage

Schematic illustration

Schematische Darstellung Thermometer

1 Lemo 8-pin connector
2 Cap
3 High-voltage cable 4-CH-HV-T-PT
4 HST black
5 Flat measuring resistor Pt100
6 Outer sheath Ø 5 mm
7 Copper wire
8 Coloured FEP marking insulation

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